Our puppies are born

at 19.06.2009


1 Male pp white -sold

1 Male pp black-sold

1 Male hl-sold

1 Female pp-sold



Magic Moment von Shinbashi


X-treme Classic von Shinbashi



    Magic                                     Classic



X-treme Classic von Shinbashi

Ch.Zucci Angel Look

Treasured Precession From Zucci

Zucci High Definition

Omegaville Storm Brewing

Brialdo dark Desire From Zucci


Zucci`sStarlightExpress at Brialdo

Magic Carpets Faith No More

Ch.Crestwood Bamboo Bear

Serre from House off Angie

Ch.Bedlam Ebony

Glitz And Glamour N`CO

Ch.Blandora Without A Doubt

Ch.I Am All That And Mor N`CO


Magic Moment von Shinbashi

CH.The Art of Winning N`CO

Ch.De La Mahafu`s Royal Blou

Lionheart Kross The Ridge

Lionheart Keep Winning For Norway

Genuine N`CO

Ch.Blandora Without A Doubt

Ch.Navy Blue N`CO

Smoke And Mirrors At N`CO

Ch.Cryptonite N`CO

Ch.Woodlymreicrist Pastree N`CO

Ch.Strike A Pose N`CO

Come As You Are N`CO

Ch.Glebeheath The Guvnor

Ch.Sambuka N`CO




12 weeks

Avery Kasai









6 weeks




Avery Kasai                                            Abilou Peron




Arylon Kitaro                                           Annestatia Jivana Kalasa